Reliance Nippon has given great news for its customers

Life insurance company Reliance Nippon has given great news for its customers. The company has said that in 2020-2021, some part of the profit earned by it will be distributed among the policyholders as bonus.

The company said that this bonus will benefit its 6,85,000 participating policyholders. The company has said that all its policy holders will get the benefit of this bonus. Life insurance companies in India are competing to woo customers in a way. A few days ago, hdfc life insurance had also said a similar thing.

Since then it was being speculated that all the other life insurance companies can also announce something similar.
Now it is to be seen that how many people are getting the benefit of this bonus plan of the insurance company and what are its conditions.

Reliance Nippon has reported a profit after tax of Rs 50 crore for the financial year ended March 31, 2021. Reliance Nippon has said that some money of its profit will be given in the form of bonus to those customers who have not taken any claim last year.

For the customers who do not take the claim, the company has a different plan, which will benefit the customers who do not take the claim after taking life insurance.

hdfc professional has also announced to give bonus to its customers just a few days ago, if you have not taken any insurance plan from any of these two companies, then it does not matter because now some other companies are bringing similar bonus plans.

Today there is a large number of people taking life insurance, if you have not thought about life insurance yet, then you need to think. Because taking life insurance is good for your future, today many companies are bringing a good insurance plan even in low premium, which will directly benefit the customers.