Very Nice New Shayari

Till now you have not thought of taking life insurance. So you may have to face some problems. Because it is necessary for everyone to take life insurance and gradually women have started taking the command of taking insurance in their hands. According to the insurance regulator IRDAI, 36% more women have taken insurance this year as compared to last year. It is necessary for women to take insurance for many reasons.
The number of women buying life insurance increased. The figures of women insured increased in the IRDAI report. The share of women in the number of policies increased to 36%. Their share in the first year premium increased to 37% in 2020 -21
A total of 2.86 crore insurance policies were sold in 2020-21. And in this, women bought 1.03 crore policies. From this you can guess that the eagerness to buy life insurance policy has increased in women as compared to men.
According to financial planner Harshvardhan Rungta, these figures reflect financial awareness. The trend towards insurance has increased the economic independence of women. There is a need to increase the focus on health insurance products related to women. Life and health insurance is very important for women. And men also need to be aware of the same in life insurance.